Wednesday, February 25, 2009

My Valentine's Day Present!!

I realize this is late but...

Isn't Code the biggest sweetheart? So i had to work on Vday... and he and Madi made this while i was at work... you can imagine my surprise when i came home to a MINI ALBUM! lol... i mean i thought asking for a homemade card was a stretch... but NOPE! Needless to say i cried.. i love that they painted it together and he let her draw on the cover... and he WROTE ALL OVER IT! Yessssss! this will most deff be a treasured item of mine for many many years :) ORRR till he makes me another! lol!


Anonymous said...

That is the sweetest ever and it came out great!


Scrapbookmama said...

Oh my gosh I would still would have been crying right now if I would have gotten that!! OHH THAT IS SWEETEST!!:)


Justine said...

This is one of the most special gifts I have seen. As crafters, it is amazing that someone knows you so well and took the time, energy and love to CREATE something so special for YOU. Way to go baby girl and hubby