Sunday, February 15, 2009


so finally got my hair done... didnt go funky like i wanted originally.. just kept it 'normal' lol...
im lovin it tho man! only thing that sucks is my flat iron broke so i cant make it look like this haha! i have yet to take a pic of it curly... im lovin it tho! my girlie did a good job :)
so this is absolutely fkn hilarious... this is what got CUT OFF my hair... it looks like either a small dog... or like my head was shaved! its hard to believe i have hair left after seeing that! LOL
and tada... Amy make-up! surprise surprise! im so unmotivated to wear make-up at home... it feels like a waste!

the end for now! i will update later! (i got some sweet stuff for vday... CODY MADE ME A MINI ALBUM! i know right?! what?! a husband utilizing his wife's supplies to make a gift for her?! and the BEST part? Madi helped :) I will post pics as a get a min!)




wandykj said...

I Love your hair-it turned out really cute!!!

Justine said...

OMG, after reading your profile, I think you are ME. Weird. First think I see when I pull up your blog is your hair. Girl I had an entire photo session with my self recently!!! The mere thought of an efffffing spider makes my heart do weird things. And ooo yea I was so gonna hurt those girlz..... I yes I did cry. Hell after getting that worked up. I mean nobody touches my motorcycle!!!!!
How'd you find me??? Your just the cutest thing ever toooo

Scrappywonder said...

love the hair... R ;)