Monday, March 30, 2009


out w.the ladies for AB's bday...
Bday girl in the white... Jess in the back... Amanda on the right... and ME in the front :)
what is not pictured is me wearing my UGGZ cuz it was blizzarding outside and im always freezin :) i was sposta be wearin the turq pumps but nawwww i was scared of bustin my ass walking! dont worry all... i will be posting a pic of the WHOLE dress at some point :) (gotta take some first! HAH!)
welps thats all.. more later!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

MEEEEE up to date :)

pics for the day... not craft related... i decided that i dont wanna sit here and upload pics onto here that i JUST uploaded to PCP... so go looksie at em there and scroll down for personal pics :)

this was my table before i reorganized AGAIN... now its kinda naked on top where all the bags and stuff were lol

jammin out in the car... proly tellin Code something when he snapped the pic
this is me trying to be all sophisticated looking 'reading glasses' on... (altho they are literally pointless since i cant see out of em lol) p.s. i look like a nerd haha just wanted to share


dunno about what necessarily but i thought this shirt was the best

annnnd my lil ones :)
Lola Pezz and Madilyn Elise

TURQ PUMPS n Jessica Simpson Jeans! looooove em...
the pumps were only $10 so i couldnt resist :)
and with that i leave you!
i will try and be better about adding things to this... for those of u who read! :)

Sunday, March 22, 2009

newbies on paper craft planet!

whats up everyone... i added some pics to Paper Craft Planet... so go on over n check em out :)
it was rediculous tryin to add em all on here... ive saved some tho to add on blog instead of pcp... but yeah...
otherwise nothing else is exciting... so i leave u all w.HUGS :)

Lookie at my new pics!!!

take care and God Bless :)

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

no pics

eh yep... no pics of crafty shtuffs today!

just thought it had been long enuf since my last entry...

and i swear its so fkn impossible to win blog candy when 200+ ppl wanna win it! DAMMIT! LOL!

hmm neways havent been up to much other than SHOPPING! WOOHOO! lol.. we got taxes back a lil earlier than we expected em so naturally we got all excited and went shopping lol!

I ORDERED A FLAT IRON! after like 6 freakin months! it cost me $92 w.some hair sprayer shits that u use to not fry your hair from a blowdryer or flat iron. :) YAY! isnt it lovely?! :) its a Solia Tourmaline w.the infrared heat :) LOVE IT!
other than that... bought M some Littlest Pet Shop guys, a shop/service manual for Code's VR4, and *sigh* (my weakness) KETTO stamps :) I ONLY BOUGHT 3! i totally contained myself! :)
OOOOOH YEAH!!!!!!!!!!! i got a wicked cute pair of Donna Karan sunglasses for $90! Original price is $260 on em, so i couldnt pass it up! :) lol... lookin at my list makes it seem like i spent a lot, but i didnt really! :) im a good shopper, what can i say!?
welp, im starvin marvin so ima go eat now... i promise to be better at updates... for the (LOL) like 2 ppl who read this! :)

Monday, March 9, 2009

Just when i thought blog candy couldnt get any better...

MMMM CANDY!!! n guess what kind?! BELLA CANDY?! seriously i would pee my pants if i won this... like a dream come true :)

so THANK YOU LORI for being AWESOME and offering this lovliness to us!

and Thank you to Laurel for allowing me to see this and spaz! :)


Sunday, March 8, 2009

Easter Card/Image Swap!!!


It's almost Easter... and im sure you are all busy making cards for people you know... so why not do it for a random person you dont know really?! lol! I attempted to do a Valentine Day swap but didnt get anyone to do it with... so i thought i'd use a lil more notice this time! :)

I was thinking instead of just a card swap... we should do an image swap also!

Idea #1. make a card using stamps of your choice... then stamp a few of that/those images for each other...

orrrr Idea #2. make a card for each other and then choose 3 of your fave stamps and stamp images for each other.

p.s. images dont necessarily have to be easter... they can be of anything 'Spring-ish'

Anyone who wants to participate in this, please either leave a comment on here or PCP, shoot me an email at, or email on PCP and let me know which idea you think is best and if you are willing/able to do a swap! :)

Swaps are fun... its always nice to get mail that is something other than BILLS! and lets face it... swaps are a great way to meet people! :)

Hope everyone can join me!!! P.S. i will be throwing in at least 2 RAKS with each package i send... just for a lil motivation! :)

Thanks everyone! Have a great week!!!

Amy Samuelson