Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Monday, December 29, 2008


So here are the rest of the pics i tried to add earlier...

I got bored one day and cut a 12x12 piece of cardboard from a pack of paper or pages into 4 squares and decorated em with paper and various embellishments... paper is Basic Grey :)

This is an altered notebook i did for a color challenge on Papercraftplanet.com...

Mini composition notebook w.4 mini cards


I collect cigar boxes... I have biiig plans for this one!!!

Just a few of my mini albums :)

12 3x3 thank you cards... I found some 'thank you' charms in the wedding section at Michaels and decided to use em on little cards

Happy Birthday 'Card' pocket

I made this from the top of a paper bag. I glued the bottom to make a pocket.

Another mini composition book with a bookmark

Christmas Card

So... I'm a LITTLE obsessed w.fibers :)

I made this frame out of a motorcycle license plate cover :)

My spiffy BASIC GREY calendar I got to make myself for Christmas :)
January- photo taken out my front window
February- Cody & I in Vegas

March- Code playing soccer in 2003

April- Madi smelling flowers in our front yard

May- Madi hugging Lucy

June- Cody and Madi sleeping :)

July- Cody & Madi at her 1st birthday party

August- Me fishing in 2005

September- Madi playing in the leaves in our driveway

October- Madi eating a sucker

November- one of the senior pics of mine that nobody got lol... 2003!!!

December- Lola playing in the wrapping paper last Christmas

YAY! finally loaded all of em and titled em! So now all ya'll gotta do is leave love!!! Have a good week everyone!

sum stuff :)

so yeah i hadta share some stuff i made :) i'll put more pics on here later... my comp is being wicked slow... hope u like em!!!

this is the scarf i just finished!!! my first attempt at knitting and i DID IT! woohoo! lol it's sooo soft but its not long enuf for my personal taste... so Madi gets it!!!

isnt he the BEST?! Madi got a lil WALL-E toy before christmas and it had little paper eyes in the packaging... and well i LOVE WALL-E so i couldnt resist but to create my own out of paper!!! it only took me like 30-45 min :) he stands on his own bcuz i made two black strips of paper into wheels by folding them into a square-ish shape...then i added a lil 'frame stand' on the back (think the thing that holds picture frames up) (i'ma try and make EVE next!!!)

Sunday, December 28, 2008


HOOOORAY! no work for me till after the new year! crazy that its gonna be 2009... isnt the world sposta end in 2010? lol it was sposta in 2000 too... we all see how well THAT happened!
neways so i have the emo kid song stuck in my head lol! its been there for literally about a week. hilarious too cuz when i see emos i just smile like "MUWAHAHHA" cuz im thinkin that they are song related enuf for me to hum lol. but yup... SO I HAFTA BRAG! i made a scarf!!! like totally by myself made a scarf! sooo excited! betcha cant tell :) i knitted it on a 'knifty knitter' (literally the name) and used super chunky yarn. i'll post a pic when i can :)
other than that nothin new really... i'll thinka some more and write 2mrw :)
catch ya on the flipside!!!

Thursday, December 25, 2008


arent they the cutest?! gotta love cmas!

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Monday, December 22, 2008


My F*ing car broke! no joke dood it wont start.
seems about right tho... i bought it 5 years ago for cmas cuz my other car broke...
at least i have internet & cable! lol


MEEEE! So yay! I HAD to post cuz I HAVE INTERNET!!! soooo fkn excited i can hardly stand it haha! I thought it would be a good cmas present for Code and I since he wanted XBOX LIVE and i wanted to blog lol! HOOORAY!! So i had to find a big smiley pic for this post to show my happiness lol

I will be posting pics later prolie... but idk