Monday, December 22, 2008


MEEEE! So yay! I HAD to post cuz I HAVE INTERNET!!! soooo fkn excited i can hardly stand it haha! I thought it would be a good cmas present for Code and I since he wanted XBOX LIVE and i wanted to blog lol! HOOORAY!! So i had to find a big smiley pic for this post to show my happiness lol

I will be posting pics later prolie... but idk



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wandykj said...

Hey! It's our coming home from Archivers pic:) Glad you have the internet now, guess you're stuck at Michaels then-YEAH!!! But you better get the car situation fixed so you can make it to work:) Well, you'll have to help me this new year get my blog started too, it should be fun! I've also got some info on how you can maybe get onto a design team someday. I'll talk to you about it on Christmas:)

Love ya,