Saturday, May 8, 2010


WOW its been a long time... woops! im still without internet at home so its hard to keep up on this stuff!!

some news to share: BABY #2 is on its way!! November is when we are expecting :) since i had a c-section the first time, i should be able to kinda choose when i want to have 'it'. i am totally finding out this time what 'it' is!! it's gonna drive me nuts if i dont! so far being pregnant sucks again- pukey every day... im losing weight from it too.. boo!!

next news: i am going to be opening an Etsy store soon with the help of my mom!! we are very excited to get it started... we just hafta get some stuff made up and photographed to put on there. we have our business cards done up and everything!!

in addition to those things, Mom, Liz (my brother's fiance) and I will be attending the CK Convention in Des Moines in JULY! im so excited! i am gonna have to start saving some money or it wont be much fun!! lol

so now onto crafts... here's some of the things i have made lately :)

Cameron's 2nd Birthday card
Random card i did in 15 min :)Mom's Mother's Day CardAdam's Birthday CardJess's Birthday Card

otherwise i havent been up to much lately!! i will try and do a better job of keeping you posted!! :) esp as my pregnancy progresses!!

Hope you all have a great weekend and until im back, LOVE N HUGS!

<3, Amy