Wednesday, February 25, 2009

My Valentine's Day Present!!

I realize this is late but...

Isn't Code the biggest sweetheart? So i had to work on Vday... and he and Madi made this while i was at work... you can imagine my surprise when i came home to a MINI ALBUM! lol... i mean i thought asking for a homemade card was a stretch... but NOPE! Needless to say i cried.. i love that they painted it together and he let her draw on the cover... and he WROTE ALL OVER IT! Yessssss! this will most deff be a treasured item of mine for many many years :) ORRR till he makes me another! lol!

Madi's Cards :)

So Miss Madilyn decided that she wanted to make cards for Grandmas... The top one is for "Gramma Wanna" lol, the second is for "Gramma Trish" and the 'buds' one is for "Gramma Dar"... the envelopes are her creation also :) ANNNND of course, Daddy had to take a pic to prove that she was in fact the one doing the card making! :)

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

just finished this one up while Madi was poopin :) i love angelina... she's so cute :)

Sunday, February 15, 2009


so finally got my hair done... didnt go funky like i wanted originally.. just kept it 'normal' lol...
im lovin it tho man! only thing that sucks is my flat iron broke so i cant make it look like this haha! i have yet to take a pic of it curly... im lovin it tho! my girlie did a good job :)
so this is absolutely fkn hilarious... this is what got CUT OFF my hair... it looks like either a small dog... or like my head was shaved! its hard to believe i have hair left after seeing that! LOL
and tada... Amy make-up! surprise surprise! im so unmotivated to wear make-up at home... it feels like a waste!

the end for now! i will update later! (i got some sweet stuff for vday... CODY MADE ME A MINI ALBUM! i know right?! what?! a husband utilizing his wife's supplies to make a gift for her?! and the BEST part? Madi helped :) I will post pics as a get a min!)



Saturday, February 14, 2009

Candy for Vday

normally i'd sit here for an hour and go thru candy to list em all off.. but sry guys! Today is Valentine's Day and i'd rather sit around fam before i gotta go work 12-6!
Mel has some yummies to check out... ends Feb 16... go leave her some lovin!
and for everyone else... have a good VDAY!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Valentine Cards for work :)

So here are the cards i made for everyone at work... havent taken em in yet... but ima do it tomorrow before i get my hair done! :) anyways leave comments or lovin!

Monday, February 9, 2009


so i got bored earlier and decided to look for a new hairstyle and color online.. these are what i found lol...
this is BAD ASS. (id get canned from work if i did this or the next one tho lol)
i so wish i could pull off green hair!

Brenda Song from Disney Channel- shes so effin cute n i love her hair

dunno who this is but i like her hair color

got a whole new appreciation for candy necklaces :) plus shes hot lol

and Ashley Simpson cuz of her hair color... most deff not cuz of HER.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Vday card swap

anyone wanna swap some vday cards? i just got done making 39 for work... i know i know it sounds like a lot but its not really... they are 3x3 cards and i attached a lil bag of conversation hearts on the back of em... i will take pics before i take em into work and post em :)
but yeah just curious if anyone was interested in doing a card swap? i havent heard from anyone...

Monday, February 2, 2009

job. sleep. nother job.

so im in the process of trying to get another job... girl Alisha at Hawkeye Fire and Safety! ive been workin a lot at Michaels cuz everyone is calling into work and they have no one to work... so they call me and i need the money so why not go right?! anyways- interview is 2mrw at 10am... WISH ME LUCK! full time would be fkn great right now. we need insurance and money so itd be sweeeeeet. for some reason tho i dont have the best feeling about it... like ima go for the interview and then not hear anything for another 2 weeks... i either gotta switch my Michael's availability to all the time or get another job... and i gotta put M in daycare. anything to get outta my current living sitch! its been driving me nuts lately- esp more since money is tight.

i need to start working on some more scrapbook pages... im having a mini picture withdrawal when i do cards! lol... they are fun and they get done fast but i dont get to have as much fun with it as i do when i get to make a page. :) i have some really good pics to use too so i will hafta break em out for ya.

so happy moment for the day... Edie Sedgwick (see pics)... a girl at Michaels told me that i look like her... she was the Andy Warhol "it girl" in the 60's... and they are making a movie about her called The Factory Girl :) all i can say is i WISH i looked like her lol... she looks like a white Halle Berry from the side... but she's gorgeous so i will most deff take the compliment!!!
Peace, LOVE and Chicken Grease!!!