Monday, February 2, 2009

job. sleep. nother job.

so im in the process of trying to get another job... girl Alisha at Hawkeye Fire and Safety! ive been workin a lot at Michaels cuz everyone is calling into work and they have no one to work... so they call me and i need the money so why not go right?! anyways- interview is 2mrw at 10am... WISH ME LUCK! full time would be fkn great right now. we need insurance and money so itd be sweeeeeet. for some reason tho i dont have the best feeling about it... like ima go for the interview and then not hear anything for another 2 weeks... i either gotta switch my Michael's availability to all the time or get another job... and i gotta put M in daycare. anything to get outta my current living sitch! its been driving me nuts lately- esp more since money is tight.

i need to start working on some more scrapbook pages... im having a mini picture withdrawal when i do cards! lol... they are fun and they get done fast but i dont get to have as much fun with it as i do when i get to make a page. :) i have some really good pics to use too so i will hafta break em out for ya.

so happy moment for the day... Edie Sedgwick (see pics)... a girl at Michaels told me that i look like her... she was the Andy Warhol "it girl" in the 60's... and they are making a movie about her called The Factory Girl :) all i can say is i WISH i looked like her lol... she looks like a white Halle Berry from the side... but she's gorgeous so i will most deff take the compliment!!!
Peace, LOVE and Chicken Grease!!!

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