Monday, July 20, 2009

Bday n Bookmark

So since i JUST posted pics of 'life' here are pics of cards... well... a card and a bookmark, cuz i dont wanna make this post forever long cuz otherwise ya wont see the other one!! :)
I am in the process of trying to figure out pricing and such for cards i make... and im going to start trying to sell altered notebooks and such on Facebook cuz i have had a few people tell me that they would buy em!! :) so i will be taking custom orders for those... and my goal for next summer is to get into a craft show either by myself or with my mom and sell some stuff!! :)
As soon as our money sitch is better i wanna get business cards ordered so i can hand em out and send em along w.RAKS and such :)
(plus this way if i do things online then whenever we move outta Iowa, i dont have to worry about closing a store... it will travel wherever i go!!!)
This is just another 'Happy Birthday' card that i made... this one took me like (literally) 3 min to put together cuz it was also a previously colored image!! (i color images while the hubby plays xbox!! keeps me entertained so i dont 'bitch' LOL!) i found the pink mulberry paper in my stash and busted it out for this one... i forgot how much i like that stuff!! :)

'RELAX' Bookmark... this one kinda happened on accident... i colored the image in ahead of time and had the papers just laying out on the table... so i decided to make something outta it! :)
Welp, on that note i should get the lil one in bed... she's been a busy busy girl outside w.her Great Gma lately!! :)
Thanks all for everything...
Luv n Hugs


Been awhile since i posted some pics of things other than cards...
My BFF Alisha & I on the way to buy a bottle of wine to start our night off...

My huni and I gettin ready to go on a walk :)

Indian Creek Nature Center...

Code checkin out the catfish...
there was like 10 of em right under the bridge that u cant fish from LOL
annnnd finally my bestie Madi and I cuddlin this morning... :)

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Elisabeth Bell's Kick Booty Candy

So many of you know who Elisabeth Bell is... well, she's one of my favorite artists and so i was TOTALLY excited to find this on facebook!! :) She's doing a 'Kick Booty Candy' giveaway TOMORROW so WISH ME LUCK!!! i dont win too many things (i think a total of maybe 3? other than 'name that tune' lol) so im keepin my fingers crossed for this one!
Stop by and check it out HERE! :)

Thanks for stopping by!! I will be putting pics up soon!!


Monday, July 13, 2009

PINK Blog Candy

So if you haven't already seen it... go check out Bona's blog or youtube site and see what she's offering up for blog candy!!! I WANT IT! lol... there is soooooooo much stuff to win it would be AWESOME! :) sooo im braggin her up for ya!
Congrats to Bona on all those hits she's getting!!!
Here's to hoping i win!!!!

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Thank U

When life hands you lemons... Make lemonade!! :)

Just a stamp i thought was appropriate for this post...
A big thank you to those of you who support and continue to encourage me thru this rough spot... I will make it thru this!
Without you guys i would be very sad...

Thank you for always being there!! :)

Peace, Love and Hugs,


Friday, July 3, 2009

Thank You!

Literally... just stopping by to say THANK YOU!!! to everyone who has been supportive and a friend to me!! :) Without you guys I wouldn't be where I am today!!
SOOO... Thanks again :)

P.S. HOW COOL ARE THESE TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES!? If ANYONE knows how to make them, OMG lol... I want em!!! :)
sooo freakin cute haha!
Welp, with that said... off to put my BIRTHDAY GIRL to bed! We took her to see Ice Age 3 tonite and she sat still thru about an hour and then wanted to run around! It was SOOO cute tho... I was laughin a lot :) I guess I know for next time to take more snacks to keep her still! HAHA!

Hope all is well with everyone else... and THANKS TO ELLIE FOR MY SU! CATTY!!! I already started making lil love notes/ideas in it!! :)


Thursday, July 2, 2009


isnt it funny how one minute you can be smiling and the next its all you can do to force one?

life is totally depressing on my end. its like whatever i do to try and cheer up is a completely wasted effort.

i just feel like the world is going to crap and that nobody really cares about anyone else anymore. i've always been nice to other people to try and make them happy first, and now it's like the older i get/more crap i put up with, the more i realize how stupid it is. i mean, im the one who is/has been depressed for 3 years (literally... just about every smile is an act) and i sit there and try and make everyone else happy first. all that does is make me even more sad cuz i give in to them and i get to feel unappreciated. its like one thing after another. depression is not easy... esp when its not JUST you that deals with it...

Code has been putting up with my random outbursts and freak-outs right along with me. he just doesnt know what to do to cheer me up anymore and neither do i.

i know exactly what i want out of life but its so far away it doesnt seem possible.

PLUS, i feel like i have a tiny lil support system, when i need everyone i know to notice that im trying.
its almost exhausting trying to make others happy. is it worth it in the long run? are you supposed to spend your life trying to make others happy instead of yourself?

i've been thru all sorts of things in life but being depressed is by far the most painful. its literally "smile one minute, frown the next". one LOOK can destroy my entire attitude.

i just feel like Code & i have hit rock bottom... neither one of us is working (well Code is KINDA) so we cant pay our bills...

so having fun is almost pointless also. i just cant justify going and having a good time when we have no money and i think life sucks so bad.

most of my days start with me not wanting to get out of bed. once im up, i sit around and be depressed... feed Madi, (not myself) put M down for a nap, sit around and be depressed... she gets up... cycle repeats itself. i flat out dont care about myself when im depressed. i dont eat when im upset/depressed... so i end up losing weight and energy. not the best diet!!

what sucks the worst is i have no friends to call and vent to. the handful of 'friends' i have are always busy doing something else and i dont get invited. sooo, it makes me not want to call them cuz they're out enjoying life while im stuck at home.

idk what to do anymore. :(

anyways thanks for listening... i really needed to vent :(

Hope all is well with everyone else!