Monday, June 29, 2009

My Golden Girl :)

Just posting some pics like i said i would :)
Madi and her friend Arica on the way to get Madi's cake

Madi's favorite present... a baby kitty that looks just like our cat Lola :)

This pics cracks me up... she's so me! Plus, Arica is doing the same thing!

Madi and Alisha :) Possibly one of my fave pics :)

My peanut on the stairs when we got home :)
It was fun :) Enjoy the pics!!!
Hugs, Amy

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Card n Party

THANKS to everyone who came and helped out w.Madi's birthday!! it was a big success!! :)
(i will be posting some pics tomorrow... so be lookin for em!!)

Also, i wanted to upload a card i JUST made for the Color Challenge i'm hosting over on Any Stamp Will Do... Code gave me the inspiration (2 colors) for this one so i was happy to do it :) i love when he helps... its kinda nice knowing that he's supportive of me! :)

OH YEAH! i just remembered that i never posted the cards that i received from the KETTO swap over on SCS!! :) i was very happy w.all of em!! i'm gonna keep em too! (i just wish everyone would've written their names on them somewhere cuz some are completely blank) but yeah! im sooo glad i did two entries!! i got more cards that way!! 5 wouldnt have been enough to get all excited about :) sooo i took a pic and thought i would share it w.ya :)

ALRIGHTY THEN thats about it for now... i will be back tomorrow w.BDAY PICS!! :)

Thanks for lookin and have a great week!!



Monday, June 22, 2009

Just a quick update...

Just wanted to quick update some pics :) First off... we have my lil peanut outside playing ;) I love this pic!!
Next, we have the front of the gatefold card i made for Code for Father's Day :) (got a chance to use my new Magnolias!! and my BG Wisteria papers again!!)
Next, we have the inside of Code's card... pics are from last year, but its still cute and it works!
This is the card that i made for Madi to give to Code :) i about freaked when i saw the stamp and sentiment!! HAD TO HAVE EM! :) reminds me of Code and Madi :) used my new BG paper and some SU! ribbon
And finally... this is the color challenge for Any Stamp Will Do this week. :) i made this card for Gma Dar cuz i thought the stamp looks like Madi and her BFF Hop Hop!

Welp, that's about it for now... i have a few projects in the works and i will get those pics posted as i finish them!!

(Mom's bday present will not be published till after July 8 because she would see it!!)

Hope all is well w.everyone!!

Take care and God Bless!!!


Friday, June 19, 2009

What's new in my lil world...

As you know, Father's Day is coming up, so i decided to make a card for my dad using my new stuff!! :) i used the Lime Rickey paper from Basic Grey, Stampin Up! Ribbon, my new robot stamp and sentiment and a coolie metal flower i got in a RAK from Samantha! :) I still have to make one for Layne (Cody's dad) and then i'm done making Father's Day cards!! I made Code a cool gatefold card and gave it to him already (i just need to take a pic and post it) and then i also made Code a card for Madi to give him.. she just needs to write on the inside :)

This is a card i made for a Color Challenge on Any Stamp Will Do. I got to make up the colors for this one... so i got a chance to use my new Wisteria papers by Basic Grey. :) i used a Gorjuss Girl image i got from Samantha on this one cuz i thought she was really cute and went with the colors well. (i tend to color images in advance so it's more difficult for me to make a card)
Along with the Color Challenges (which i am helping Sam with while she's away), i am in charge of the group called 'Are ya up for a Challenge?' where every Monday i post a new challenge and a card i have made for the challenge. it's a good way for me to stay on top of making things and not allowing me to slack off! i'm not a big fan of being hot- so staying inside where it's kinda air conditioned is gonna help me have time to make some stuff too!!
On another note, Mom and I are starting to get more ideas for a business! I have come up with some good names (which will be announced later since i have yet to tell Mom lol) and different marketing ideas and such for it! Earlier i sat down and wrote out some things we could sell and pricing ideas... so once we start making things we have a better idea of what to make and how much to sell it for :) I'm EXCITED! i cant wait to get things going!!
Code and i were talking the other day about our goals for the future, and i told him that i really would just rather stay at home w.Madi and make stuff and sell it. it's not that i dont think i can do it.. its just that im scared of failing that keeps me from jumping in head first. i think it's about time for me to just JUMP and see where it takes me!! i mean after all, life is about taking risks right? if i dont take a risk doing what i love then i wont ever be truly happy!! Code wants to go back to school for car stuff and eventually open his own shop :) anything is possible!!! he's very smart when it comes to cars and fixing them... he just sells himself short!!
Welp, off to hang out with my lil one and get some more cards made!!
Hope all is well with everyone!
Have a great day!

Friday, June 12, 2009

I <3 KERYN!!!

SERIOUSLY?! i dont think my morning could've started better!!! :)

Keryn made my ENTIRE WEEKEND! LOL! She gave me my FIRST BLOG AWARD!!! :)
(can you sense the excitement?!)

So a HUGE Thank You to Keryn over at for being so generous and thinking of little old me for this award!! I have always wanted to be able to say 'my blog has an award!!!' and... NOW I CAN!!! :) So THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!! :) My fave part is the listing of 10 honest things... and of course getting to read everyone else's!!
So without further adue, 10 Honest things about me!
  1. i cant stand when people don't listen (especially when they pretend they are)
  2. i'd rather sit around all day and make cards and crafty stuff than have a 'job' at some random place
  3. i am TERRIFIED of flying bugs and spiders.. and all other creepy things- i cant kill a 'crunchy' bug without jumping around like a lunatic LOL
  4. the only 'girl' friends i really have... are online! ;) (i'm one of the guys!!)
  5. my husband has never heard me sing :) lol... im too shy around him (i dont wanna be one of those people that think they are awesome and then go on American Idol and get laughed off stage) haha
  6. i REALLY wanna travel outside the US... esp since i know some people around the world!
  7. my very best friend lives in NY and we've never met in person :) (we met thru AOL Instant Messenger in 1996!!)
  8. 3AM freaks me out ever since watching Exorcism of Emily Rose (proly doesnt help that a cemetary is basically across the street from my house!)
  9. my daughter is my biggest fan and best friend :)
Now for the tricky part! i am to select 7 other worthy bloggers and give them this award!! :) sooo... here's my nominations!
Everyone go on over and check out these great blogs!! :) CONGRATS to all you that i nominated! and YAY for me too! LOL!
Welp, off to have fun lil peanut so hope all is well with everyone and have a GREAT weekend!!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009


Update on Cedric...

He got to come home from the hospital the other day and Meg called to tell me :)
Evidently he is doing a LOT better- still has the little hole in his heart, but HE'S GONNA MAKE IT! As long as everyone keeps praying for him!! :)

I'm gonna go over and see them this weekend!! I will take some pics and upload em for ya'll!

Anyways just wanted to do that quick update!

Hope all is well with everyone!

Happy Hump Day!! :)


Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Drumroll Please...

First off, THANK U to those of you who participated in my first blog candy!! :) It's nice being able to give away a lot of stuff to someone! Makes me feel good! :)

So without further adue, the winner of the candy is....

My daughter picked Meche's name 3 times out of a bucket, so it's meant to be!!!
CONGRATULATIONS!!! Email me with your address and i will get your box of goodies out to you as soon as i can!!
Hope all is well with everyone!! Stop by my birthday group on Any Stamp Will Do and check out the new calendar i added for everyone! :)
Have a great week and thanks for your support!!!
BIG Hugs,

Monday, June 8, 2009


FINALLY! What you've all been patiently waiting for...

And here's some of what you'll be getting...

Colorbok Star Chipboard Mini Album

Stamping Bella Pregabella Stamp (NEW)

Baby Chipboard pieces

Lots of lil rhinestones





other random embellishments

and of course...


(i mean what's a blog candy without the candy?! not as yummy that's what!)

Alright... now you're probably thinking "How do I get in on this?" well, ima tell ya :)

Here's the rules:

  1. Post a comment on my blog (if you don't have a blog you may still post as annonymous- just be sure to sign your name!)
  2. Link me to your blog (again if you don't have one... you are not discluded)
  3. Become a follower of my blog
  4. Answer two or all of the 3 questions:
  • What is my FAVORITE color?
  • What is my daughter's name? (spelling must be correct)
  • What is my FAVORITE flower?

(all answers to questions can be found on my blog)

Once you have completed all those things, you are officially entered in the chance to win my CANDY!! :) I am excited to send it off to someone so I can hardly wait til someone wins! I'm doing it til June 8 because I want to give people a chance to see it before it's gone!

The drawing will close at 11pm on Monday, June 8, 2009 and I will announce a winner on Tuesday evening (probably around 5pm CST). Winner will be determined either by names in a hat or by random number generator (depends on how many hits i get from this!) I will announce which way the drawing will go as we get closer to the date.

A HUGE THANKS IN ADVANCE TO EVERYONE WHO STOPS BY! :) without you guys, i wouldnt know as much about this stuff as i do... and i wouldnt have met some of the amazing people i have :)

Good luck to everyone!

Peace, Love & Hugs!


Blog Candy

So first off... TONIGHT i draw the winner for my blog candy!! The winner will be announced around Noon tomorrow! :) Winner will be chosen by 'names in a bucket' by my hubby and my daughter :)

DONT WORRY U STILL HAVE TIME TO ENTER IN MINE!! just be sure to answer the 3 questions and you're in!!

and second... some more blog candy to share! :)

Sarah from the UK has some yummy candy to offer... w.2 sets of Miss Anya stamps and more goodies! Ends June 14 @ 8pm and winner announced shortly after!

Thanks again to all those who have participated in this! :) You're the best!

Good Luck!!


Thursday, June 4, 2009

I Want Candy!

Candy Time!! Spreading the word...

Check out this awesome candy from Marlene! She's offering up some SU! ribbon, 6x6 SU! papers and the complete set of Rain Snow Shine from The Greeting Farm! :) Chance to win ends June 5 at Midnight so HURRY over! :)

Up next we have this lovely lil display by Carol. She's offering up this super cute diaper fold pouch that she made for a 'anything but a card' challenge and two Gorjuss Girls stamps! Candy will be open until June 8 at 8pm UK time so don't miss out!! :)

Deb has this awesome candy to celebrate her hitting 300,000 hits on her blog!! Be sure to stop by and check it out! Ends June 5 so HURRY!

Then theres one from Elaine. She is offering up some candy to celebrate the opening of her new webstore Quixotic Paperie! She's giving away some stamps, brads and charms that are available in her shop! Candy ends June 15!!

With thats said, I'm off to enjoy this BEAUTIFUL day! :)

Thanks for stopping by!