Saturday, January 30, 2010

Shout out!!!

Hey all!!
Not much is going on with me lately... staying busy cleaning... i've been reading a Feng Shui book and i decided to try and incorporate it into my house to see if it helps remove stress. (it's supposed to) Also, i read somewhere that if u get rid of 50 things that it will help de-clutter and de-stress your life, so i figured it couldn't hurt! :) with as much crap as there is going on in the world i could use a little less stress! LOL!
Anyways, i wanted to give a shout out to IMPERFEKT (Rick) and COLORLESS (DJ) ... my boys that are awesome Hip-Hop artists... (local Hip-Hop) they are having a show tonight downtown and i would love to be there but money is really tight, so we aren't gonna be able to make it. I know that probably none of anyone who reads this blog listens to Hip-Hop, so i wont go into linking them, but if you want to hear em, email me and i will give it to u :)
Welp, that's bout it... i updated my other blog too so be sure to stop by and see what's goin on! :)

Hope all is well with everyone... to those i don't get to talk to because of lack of internet... miss u, and hope to be back soon! :)

Take Care and God Bless!

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Ohh yeah...

forgot to mention that i started another blog!!!

PLEASE stop by and become a follower! there isnt anything on there right now cuz i started it lastnight and dont have reg internet to update everyday but i am going to try my best. Code and i decided that we wanna get the net back by the summer so i can get goin on my business stuff!!! PLUS we are both going NUTS without! lol its been a battle all weekend to see who gets to the computer fastest haha! :)

Anyways ima try n get a job this next week i think... i dont have a car but i would make Code take me untiul i get mine fixed. (yeah i forgot to write that i basically killed my car by driving with no fluids in the engine lol WOOPS! i hated it anyways but its no fun being stuck at home until Code takes me places! So, WISH ME LUCK! im not spillin anymore details cuz i dont wanna get my hopes up or someone get me excited and then i dont get the job. sooo PRAY for me to get a job and have GOOD GOOD things come my way!! :)

And with that, i hope everyone is well! :)


Saturday, January 9, 2010


So i totally thought i would be able to update before now... but life has been hectic to say the least! Code and i went a lil crazy on cmas gifts this year :) we spent $400 on just Madi, so she had an awesome christmas!! she got a bunch of ponies and Barbies and Hot Wheels cars!! :) Code and i didnt spend much on each other cuz we wanted to get M lots of stuff.. We figure we have time to spoil ourselves! Our New Year's Eve was pretty boring... we went out shopping during the day and then stayed in for the night watching movies that we got for christmas.
I handmade all the christmas gifts we gave away this year! i made some lil whisks that say 'Whisk you a merry christmas' and they had lil Hershey Kisses in the ends and a tag attached w.ribbon. i also made a legal pad holder, gift tags, altered paint cans, 5 scarves, an altered jiffy pop popcorn and 40 cards!! lol! i was a busy lil girl!! im sure i am forgetting things that i made but its k...
So i HAVE to tell bout the COOLEST gift we got... Code's grandpa Toft carved us a fish sculpture out of wood... and it is the coolest thing i have EVERRRR seen!!! what makes it even better is that he carved it by using ONE HAND. crazy amazing!! i will have to get a pic and upload it at some point. :)
I am currently working on a 2010 calendar since my 2009 Basic Grey one isnt much use anymore.. i love it tho so im not gettin rid of it! :) it's kinda hard making a calendar w.out havin the handy lil calendar print outs... i have to make the lil things by hand! took me like 4 times to get the sizing and number of boxes right! LOL! next i am going to make a mini album of Mom & I's trip to Archiver's. i've been slackin!
I am hoping to make mom do a craft show in June... maybe Trish will wanna have her Bagolitas in it and i can have the lil purse cards next to em!? lol.. thinkin far ahead. My goal for the year tho is to be in at least one craft show and make $100. i dont wanna shoot too high and get my hopes up and then fall short n be sad.
Anyways, i wanted to update while i had the chance... I MISS ALL OF U ONLINE FRIENDS!!! it totally sucks not being able to get online n chat n see whats goin on... i have lots to share and lots of pics to upload once i am back online!!! (im hoping to eventually get a laptop too so i can take the net wherever i go :)
OH YEAH... i lost my cell phone. how one loses the only outside lifeline that was left is beyond me lol... but i did it! i have NO clue where it is... i know it is forever gone tho cuz its not anywhere. so i have been without a phone now for almost a month and its soo annoying!!! just when i get texting back... POOF my phone is MIA. lol! ANNND i went and looked at new phones and it is retarded expensive to get a new one! like $250 for the ones i like! soooo thats not happening for awhile!! :)
NEWAYS off to surf the rest of the net... hope all is well with everyone!! TAKE CARE!

Luv Amy