Sunday, January 10, 2010

Ohh yeah...

forgot to mention that i started another blog!!!

PLEASE stop by and become a follower! there isnt anything on there right now cuz i started it lastnight and dont have reg internet to update everyday but i am going to try my best. Code and i decided that we wanna get the net back by the summer so i can get goin on my business stuff!!! PLUS we are both going NUTS without! lol its been a battle all weekend to see who gets to the computer fastest haha! :)

Anyways ima try n get a job this next week i think... i dont have a car but i would make Code take me untiul i get mine fixed. (yeah i forgot to write that i basically killed my car by driving with no fluids in the engine lol WOOPS! i hated it anyways but its no fun being stuck at home until Code takes me places! So, WISH ME LUCK! im not spillin anymore details cuz i dont wanna get my hopes up or someone get me excited and then i dont get the job. sooo PRAY for me to get a job and have GOOD GOOD things come my way!! :)

And with that, i hope everyone is well! :)


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