Thursday, April 30, 2009


I GOT A JOB! at Flowerama on 1st ave :)
(there was a much longer post here but i chose to delete it cuz i felt like it)

Tuesday, April 28, 2009


it's about that time...
im at 45 comments so far...
ya know what that means?
i cant wait! i totally didnt realize that it was this close already! guess that means i will hafta bust out my stash of goodies for someone! :)
im thinkin bout doing one when my 'hit meter' hits 1000... im at like 620 right now! ;) so this candy is gonna be smaller than that one!
i will get a pic uploaded soon so ya'll can see what ur going up against!
(i havent decided when to start the candy but im going to let it run for about a week to see how many ppl i can get in on it... and then my hubby and daughter will draw names from a bucket to see who wins)
neways... im off to finish up online and then off to try and put some more goodies in my candy :)
hope everyone has a good day!
p.s. ANYONE can comment now... you will just be posted as anonymous if you dont have a blog.. so be sure to sign your name and i know who u are :) and to all others... I ADDED A COUNTER at the top of my sidebar :)
p.s. again. i love how ppl say that they love my honesty :) its funny... i just heard from 'someone' in my family that 'my problem is my big mouth' lol... they have NOOO idea ;)


Friday, April 24, 2009

Whats new...

Whats new? Not too much really! i have kepy busy working on cards and stamping images for RAKS and Swaps galore! :) i just finished up my 12 KETTO cards for the KETTO Swap over at Split Coast Stampers... i used the Miss Match and Sake stamps for my cards and they turned out really cute :) But of course... i wouldnt send cards that look like crap and expect people to like them or me to maybe win anything?! lol!
AHH I WON BLOG CANDY!!! SO EXCITED! cant believe i didnt write on here about it sooner! Neways my girlie Sarah in Florida had her hubby and S-I-L draw names and they drew mine twice!!! it was meant to be! lol! Naturally i am excited- its the first blog candy i have ever won and i know i had made a post about how im never gonna win... welp just goes to show ya NEVER SAY NEVER!
So Code and i went on a 2 hour walk earlier! it was sooo nice outside and the perfect day to go on a walk.. or boating.. lol (yeah i dont have a boat but i wish i did!) but yeah it was nice to spend time with him... just the two of us! we also got some cleaning done lastnite and did some laundry and dishes today. Gma Dar took M lastnight when she got off work (around like 6pm) and Madi still isnt home! lol! she's sooo in love w.her Great Grandma! I LOVE IT! personally... i never got the chance to hang out with my Great Grandma... or even really my Grandparents... anyone who knows me knows that i have adopted Gma Dar as mine :) i mean... she's been more of a Grandma to me than my own! kinda sad... but not really.. it's their loss! PLUS- how could i turn down some of the BEST food ive ever had?! lol... Gma Dar is where its at! :) LOVE YA DAR! :)
Tomorrow is my cousin Meg's babyshower!! (see photo) i hafta admit its weird going to it- let alone HELPING! :) it's all good tho... she's the cousin i used to babysit when we were littler... and it makes me feel OLD now that she's gonna be a mom! i mean i ALREADY have a 3 year old- and i cant figure out where all the time went from the time she was a baby in my arms to now when shes goin potty like a big girl and telling me allll sorts of things! TIME FLIES! i guess ya never realize just how fast it goes by until its gone..
The shower should be fun tho... we're doin the baby food in a diaper game- leavin it open so u hafta smell it to see what it is... then we have a bottle of M&M's and everyone hasta guess how many are in it and whoever is closest wins a $5 Blockbuster Giftcard and bag of popcorn... then we are doing the one where we measure her waist... and then we made 30 lil cards to people to write something nice or advice in for Meg. :) (Cards and giftcard were my ideas!!!) We bought a lil basket to put things in and we are going to walk it around the room and have everyone look at it and then they have to wait until we are all the way around the room and then they have to try and write down as many items as they can remember from the basket and whoever gets the most right wins a prize. it should be easy :) We also bought a lil photo album to slide all her cards into when she's done reading them. Hope she likes everything! Below is a photo of the mini book i made for Meg when i found out she was pregnant w.Cedric Owin Hamilton :)
May is my month for being RAK PERSON #3!!! i am really excited to see what im gonna get! us girls over on Paper Craft Planet like to spoil each other w.all sortsa goodies! i have done a lot of swaps and met some awesome people that i could call friends from ALL over the world! it's awesome :) anyone involved w.RAKS knows what im talking about! for those who dont know what a RAK is... it's a Random Act of Kindness :) i mean who DOESNT like to get something cool in the mail?! i freakin love it! its like Christmas all the time! lol! with that said... ya'll should go check out Karin's blog... she's the one who got me started on the RAKS! she's a VERY creative woman and makes adorable cards and little gifts for ppl :)
Welp, thats all for now... off to watch a movie w.the hubby! I GET TO PICK TONITE SINCE HE PLAYED CALL OF DUTY ALL DAY WHEN I WASNT HOME! HAHA! :)
Luv all of u... even those i dont know :)

Tuesday, April 14, 2009


yeah yeah i know.. im slippin on these blog entries... i have been informed by my M-I-L and Gma that i need to be updating this pics of what ive been doing because they cant get onto Paper Craft Planet to see my pics :( sooo... without further adue (spelling?) i give u my most current uploaded pics... i have more but i cant really upload em cuz they are 'secrets' for my RAKS :)
This card i made for my friend Maggie and her hubby Corey since they are havin a baby girl :) i was excited to use a lot of pink... and my bella from ELLIE! LUV IT BTW! lol...
and i apologize for the sideways view... my bad! its sposta be a close up of the threading thru the paper doily and then the charms i used :)
This is a personal fave... i exacto knifed her dress out and taped a square of this to the back of the paper.. then added lil fabric slippers to it :)
this was my first attempt with a sponge dauber... lol! looks like a mess if u ask me but it turned out better than i thought it was gonna! i was still on a pink kick after making the Ballerina one so i went with it on this tub card :) EXCEPT! this time i didnt cheat and exacto... i actually cut it by hand to fit the tub!! YAY ME! lol
this was intended for a Bday card challenge... but i procrastinated and never got to posting it at the correct time... so its just a belated bday card now! p.s. caption was totally spur of the moment thought when i looked at the card! i tried to use coffee colored paper also to fit the latte theme!
welp... that's all for now folks! leave lovin :) i will take some more pics and add em later! my comp is being slow-mo right now! BOO!!!
Mom and I are doing a craft stand at the Atkins Citywide Garage Sales!!!! COME SEE US!!!
after all... starting a crafting business has to start somewhere right?! :)
Luv n Hugs