Saturday, May 30, 2009

Cedric Owin Hamilton

HE'S HERE! well actually got here on May 26, 2009 :)
Proud Mama Meg & lil man Cedric Owin
Randy, Meg & Cedric :)

annnnd this is Meg & I today at her graduation party! :)
She is absolutely glowing!!!
Everyone keep lil Cedric in their prayers as he is not doing all that great...
he's stuck at the hospital in intensive care until next Friday at least...
his blood platelet (spelling might be wrong) count is low and he stopped breathing the other night for 20 seconds...
Other than that- THANKS for all who have participated in my blog candy so far!! as of right now I am going to have Cody and Madi draw names from a hat to determine a winner... that is unless i get a lot of hits between now and June 8!! :)
Just wanted to update w.some pics... i made some cards the other day also... will post em later tho! Have a good night and rest of the weekend!

Saturday, May 23, 2009

i heart music.

isnt this pic amazing?! found it while browsing thru yahoo images :) i love music so i thought it was appropriate :)

sooo its been a few days and im still without my camera... so no blog candy pics yet!

good news is that im adding to it everyday :) im thinkin since im getting close to the 1000 hit marker that i will just do it pretty good sized cuz then i dont hafta come up with stuff to do two candies!!! ya'll are gonna LOVE me lemme tell ya! i dropped $9 on a bag of random candy the other day at Target so i can send out CANDY in my blog candy haha :) totally couldnt help myself! i was gonna go all out n send my FAVES- Ghirradeli Milk Chocolate w.Caramel :) but i know they would all break before they got where they were goin!
other than that life has been stressful as usual... found out my grandparents are extremely rude and selfish... (they were never really my grandparents anyways... just complete strangers) and they shared their unwelcome opinions with the wrong people and well.. its gonna hit the fan in a week! :) i recently got told my my 'grandmother' that my "PROBLEM" is my "BIG MOUTH". PSH she's never heard it and shes just about to. (p.s. this was brought to my attention during regular conversation about how im not going to my cousin's grad party cuz i dont like her... AT my other cousin's babyshower. ARG! n lemme clarify for those who dont know me personally... i am very respectful and sweet- and then people cross me and i get to express how i feel.. and i dont like to sugar coat (which i do on here for other peoples' benefits) so it ends up in some lil blow out deal. sooo when i was 'informed' of my 'problem' (which i was in complete shock to hear by the way) i just had to stand there and laugh it off. as soon as she left tho i told everyone what she had said. my family is knucking futz. seriously. (if u dont get knucking futz... look a lil harder lol). its times like these that i would be completely happy moving outta state and away from those kinda people. its not like i would lose much! and FRIENDS- psh what friends?! im down to 1! i most deff dont feel sad either cuz i dint do anything to lose friends! they are just all consumed w.being a drunk idiot to realize they are forgetting about people... which is fine! i went thru a drinking phase also but i grew up and realized theres more to life than bar hopping and shopping for new clothes to go get drunk in. (VENTING SRY GUYS)
neways i am sposta be goin over to see Meg tonite (the cousin bout to have a baby) and i will get my camera back then... so TOMORROW i will be taking pics of my newbie creations and of course the BLOG CANDY!!! :) btw i made a funny card to put on Any Stamp Will Do and i havent gotten a chance to get a pic of it yet... but its a hoot :) cant wait to post it! it'll show everyone my humor for sure! :)
Code and I are going to a hip hop show tonite where our friend Q is performing :) "Q Hefna" LMAO haha if u knew Q you would get it... otherwise use your imagination! lol! should be fun!! :) we have a couple other friends in it too and when we went last month we ended up stayin out til like 5am! yeah idk how jazzed i am about that so we're proly not stayin out for the 'after party' haha! went to bed lastnite at 12! it was weeeeeeeird! im usually not in bed til 1 or 130ish :) i needed some beauty sleep!
welp i spose i should go get some cards and things done... i still have a RAK to get together and send out! (kinda forgot about it but i dont have her addy neways so its not like i could mail it!)
have a good weekend everyone! hope its nice out!

Thursday, May 14, 2009


so i thought i would bring it to everyone's attention again that i will be doing a BLOG CANDY giveaway soon! i have officially hit my 50 comment marker and now i just need to take a pic of my goodies and make my list and then post away!! :) i have been adding things to it everyday and having the hubby suggest lil things to add... hopefully ya'll will like what u see!
mine is gonna be a lil different than other people's... i'm doing a smaller candy now... and a bigger one later... im thinkin around 1,000 hits or something cuz im at 750 right now! :) i figure it will take a lil while to get 250 more views on here unless ppl go nuts and start comin here all the time!
neways just wanted to update about that...
ALSO- i want to do Christmas RAKS w.anyone who may be interested... just throwing the idea out there for now but we would send them around the 15th of December and that way we all get them for Christmas :) i know i would be happy to get anything from anyone of my 'scrappy friends' for Christmas so whatd'ya say?! LETS DO IT!!
welp off to research some stamps online! im bound n determined to get my hands on some copics, Sugar Nellies and Gorjuss Girls!!! :)

Thanks for stopping by!!


Wednesday, May 13, 2009

I WANT THIS SOOO BAD! literally its really freakin cute and i would spaz if i won this!!! if i dont, however... i am always willing to take one from anyone who can sew!! lol... MOM, DAR... any takers?! :)

all for now,
back later!!



First off... HAPPY LATE MOTHER'S DAY TO EVERYONE!!! Code n Madi picked some Lilacs for me!! (MY FAVE!) so naturally i was pretty jazzed and thought a photo was necessary :)

This was a random card... i was thinking to myself... "Self, Asian people have bright colored hair sometimes so i should make my Ivy Ketto look like it!" and well here ya have it... totally random! i've been coloring in images while bored watching Code play Call of Duty on Xbox... so its a lil more of a challenge when i go to make the card! instead of coloring to coordinate paper, its backwards! :)

Made this card for a color challenge on Any Stamp Will Do... i LOVE this image... i was only sent one in a RAK so if anyone has her PLZ will u send me some more?! and i finally figured out how to 'destroy' my paper like they do in the SU cattys :) lol

This lil sweet is another random idea... i decided to stamp her right onto the DP to see what it would look like... i still colored her in as normal, and i colored the guitar and used liquid glass over it to make it look all shiny :) i embossed her crown and kiss stamp embossing powder to match the gold brad and rock n roll theme :)

Miss Margarita Ketto was fun to play with too... i wanted to use purple n orange for her and the green just kinda happened... i like her tho she's cute :)

isnt she the cutest lil thing? i had to do something out of the ordinary for her, so i braided 3 lil roses together and attached em staples :)

Made this for my mom :) i wanted to steer in the complete opposite direction of the 'traditional pink and such' MD cards. plus, i had colored this Kenya Ketto in prior to making the card and so i thought i would just use it since theres pink n purple on it... and i can still spin off in a diff direction! (she will see it for the first time on here but hope she likes it!)

Otherwise i have been keeping busy! i only work 3 days this week so its quite the change from the chaos of last week! MAN i never realized how 'traditional' it was to buy ur mom flowers on MD until i worked at Flowerama AGAIN! (it was my very first job EVER... how funny is that?!) but yeah when i havent been busy working, ive been trying to get caught up on sleep! i hafta admit i have one of the best hubbies ever... today he let me sleep in til oohh 10:45am when Madi got up w.him at 7:30! i havent been sleeping well lately so he decided to be nice and let me have some time to myself :) gotta love it! (plus im not at all a morning person so its kinda lovely to lay in bed all day... and its cloudy so naturally i wanna sleep all day anyways haha)

NEWAYS just wanted to let ya'll know that i havent forgotten about my BLOG CANDY!!! i have been adding to it for the last few days and its gettin pretty big ;) lol...

AH speaking of Blog Candy... CHECK THESE OUT!


Thats all for now... i will update soon w.a pic of my FABULOUS BLOG CANDY!!!! :)
Til then... Happy Scrappin, Stampin or whatever it is that u do!
Hugs n Slugs

Friday, May 8, 2009


MAN am i tired! Flowerama has really piled on the hours this week! im workin like 45-50! very drastic change from what i was doin... stayin at home w.Madi! the next 2 days are gonna suck... i won't even be able to see Madi cuz Cody is doing deliveries for Flowerama today (from 8am-?) and tomorrow (8am-?) so Madi is staying with Dar overnight so Code can just get up and go. it sucks tho cuz i work til close tonite which is like 10ish and M will already be asleep at Dar's house. then tomorrow i work at noon, which means i wont get to see her in the morning. :(
annnnd of course i work on Mother's Day since it's the busiest day of the year... (i work 10am-6pm) so i wont get to see her really til i get off work on Sunday. :(
its kickin my ass! i barely get a chance to eat at work... im running around all day long and when i get home, i barely sleep at night. and not cuz i stay up late... just cuz i cant seem to STAY asleep. on top of that, everyone at work is all stressed about 'production' and getting it done as fast as humanly possible.. and some of these girls have worked there for a long time- its my first week and they want me to do everything as fast as they do! AHHH! lol! its like all my limbs are being pulled in different directions and im about to break lol.
neways just wanted to update... more later!