Friday, May 8, 2009


MAN am i tired! Flowerama has really piled on the hours this week! im workin like 45-50! very drastic change from what i was doin... stayin at home w.Madi! the next 2 days are gonna suck... i won't even be able to see Madi cuz Cody is doing deliveries for Flowerama today (from 8am-?) and tomorrow (8am-?) so Madi is staying with Dar overnight so Code can just get up and go. it sucks tho cuz i work til close tonite which is like 10ish and M will already be asleep at Dar's house. then tomorrow i work at noon, which means i wont get to see her in the morning. :(
annnnd of course i work on Mother's Day since it's the busiest day of the year... (i work 10am-6pm) so i wont get to see her really til i get off work on Sunday. :(
its kickin my ass! i barely get a chance to eat at work... im running around all day long and when i get home, i barely sleep at night. and not cuz i stay up late... just cuz i cant seem to STAY asleep. on top of that, everyone at work is all stressed about 'production' and getting it done as fast as humanly possible.. and some of these girls have worked there for a long time- its my first week and they want me to do everything as fast as they do! AHHH! lol! its like all my limbs are being pulled in different directions and im about to break lol.
neways just wanted to update... more later!

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angie worthington said...

congrats on your job!!!...just added your blog to my google reader...lots of great stuff here!!!...