Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Blog Candy

Michele has some kickass blog candy to offer! She is doing it for the launch of 'Crafts 4 Eternity' so go on over n check it out! Ends midnight (gmt) Jan 29 and drawing will take place Jan 30.
Michelle (different one) is giving away two Komodo stamps and 5 copic pens of your color choice so be sure to check our her blog! She lives in Japan... how cool is that?! Drawing will take place on Jan 30.
Kath is also offering some goodies :) her question for ya to answer is great :) i'll hafta do something like that for MY candy! Her candy ends at Feb 9 at midnight (gmt) and winner will be announced Feb 11.
Katy is givin away some vday themed stuff on her blog... ends today!!!
Kim is offering my FAVE products :) soo naturally i HAD to jump on this!!! :) Ends Jan 31.
Debby also has some goodies... ends Jan 30
Marlene has awesome stuff also!!! I'm pretty excited about hers :) i love the colors! Ends Jan 30 at 8 pm
Laurie is giving away some amazing stuff too! (i think i love blog candy haha! ive never won any so im bound and determined!) Ends Jan 31.

speaking of MY candy... i have some stuff for it already... but as i look thru other people's candy offers i notice i dont have half as much as everyone else! but still dont have enough people lookin at my page... maybe if i did candy ppl would come? dunnooooo... i'll post again later... ima try and make some stuff today since i dont work! :) maybe i will go get it all together and take a pic :0)

Have a good day everyone!


Sunday, January 25, 2009

Newbies... Card swap!?

So today i managed to get a 'lil' break from the world and had some free time... so i chose to spend it making random cards! :) i started with the intentions of making Valentine's Day cards for people, and it spawned into me making whatever looked good to me at the moment. my creative session got interrupted when my lil one was returned to me and i had to stop what i was doing and get back to mommy duty. i still know what i was going to do, so i will post my 'projects in the works' as i get them completed :)
This was the first V-day card i made... was made for Cody (of course) and i made him open it lastnite actually lol... it took me 19 min to complete it (writing and all) and i told him i could do it in less than 20... so i felt bragging rights came into play and i could muster up another card for the REAL V-day right? lol. he thought it was cute... but he's only told me like twice he didnt like something... im usually the one being like 'this is the worst card ever i hate it' blah blah...
This is my attempt to turn one stamp into a diff one :) i stamped my huggybella image onto a piece of cardstock, and the curly haired girl didnt turn out (half her head was missing lol) & i figured it was a waste to throw it away, so i cut the paper in half and just used this side for my card... since the girls' arms are attached in the stamped image, i cut a circle from a piece of paper that had hearts on it and i used it as something to cover where her arms should be.
My total impulsive card... i literally wasn't going for a prego card, but hey the pink sent me somewhere... and why not run with it?! i embossed the 'Mommy to be' with gold SU embossing powder (i borrowed it from my mom YEARS ago... it doesnt go bad right?! lol) and i just watercolor penciled in the bella to match the paper and ribbon :)
XO! This was so i could play with my new chipboard letters from K&Co's Berry Sweet line :) and my new pink inkpad... couldnt resist!!
just a lil mini... actually made from a scrap of paper that i had left over after cutting two cards from a piece of cardstock :)

this card right here shows my sense of humor for those of you who cant already see it! i found this lil skunk guy in a thing of embellishments i had bought and i had the letters that i was gonna use to spell KO and do a boxing theme like 'your love knocks me out' or something... but i thought it would be more fitting to do the skunk... get it? skunks smell and knock ya out and its a KO lol... :)
another card for my one and only... this took me like 3 min tops to complete
i fell in love with the bird on this SU paper... so i wanted to use it as my main focus
huggybellas... (notice the curly haired one... she's cut out of the image on the card a few up) this is one of the first ones i did... i did this one lastnite actually
annnd my congratulations card... started out as a v-day card, then had no purpose... then i found this rub-on and decided it was a good fit :) i used big sequins and attached em w.square brads
So question for ya'll... would anyone wanna do an image or card swap?! i dont know about you... but i love to get mail and it would be awesome to get cards from all my talented lovely friends online! :) i know i would do it for ya'll... just either email me @ or leave me a message on here and we will swap addresses! Cards wouldn't have to be for v-day or any specific event... they could be just because :) i'm thinking we could make this like an ATC swap but it would just be a big card swap! let me know! even if its just one other person!
Hope ya'll had a good weekend and have a good week!!!
Take care and God Bless!

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Dear Cavalier...

may i just express my hatred for my car...
dear cavalier, you suck ass. you have cost me more money trying to fix your broke ass than i did to buy you. you barely start anymore and i have to give you much more attention than i'd like to. you are an inconvenience to me... and frankly, you are a piece of shit.
i will never own another cavalier again. as soon as you die, car... i will be truly happy.

Monday, January 19, 2009


This kickass blog candy is being offered by Ewonne on her blog... she's trying to clear some stuff out and she's being kind enuf to let all this go to a random person! Candy offer good thru 1-25-09 her time (Sweden!!) so be sure to check her blog out!
Here's another one w.some candy to offer... Mary's got a purty bad sitch going on on the homefront so everyone go check it out and keep her and her family in your prayers...
other than that ive got a few days off so i will have some time to make new shits to put up! I'ma try and do a blog candy too soon... maybe after i get 50 comments... START COMMENTING PEOPLE! it's gonna prly be Basic Grey or something haa so watch for it... still havent decided when and what... i dont have enough people viewing my blog for me to offer up candy yet :( so spread the word so i can hook ya'll up!
ALSO! anyone interested in doing an image swap for Valentine's Day, email me at w.your address and if you have a specific one you'd like, please let me know! Have a good day everyone!
(I'm gonna start thinkin up some candy!)
Luv Amerz

Friday, January 16, 2009

how random is this?! found it hidden (i know gross lol) in my fridge lookin just like this.
Madilyn's artwork while Mommy was at work and Daddy trusted her alone in the livingroom while he was in the bathroom... luckily it was on my 'scrap table' and i can just paint over it... im tryin to get Cody to make one out of concrete for me :)

i heart this bella... so i made a card just because w.her

Super ARMY Bella! :) found this freedom charm at Archiver's when Mom & I went and the ribbon at Michaels... and i hadta use my superbella for this one

shoppabellas! my fave part is the clearance stickers :)

well those are what ive done lately... i made another scarf (this time for Madi) and i will hafta get a pic on here... she's lovin it! i finished it in 2 hours TOPS :) Grandma Trish was the first to see it!!! hummdidaaa thats all! leave lovin!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

BRING BACK THE 80's & 90's!!! CANDY GIRL!!!! Something about u (cant help but to sing this one... esp since i know ALL the words) They Don't Know Poison!!

thats all for now.. i could go for DAYS
what a good way to start off a bad morning...

i heart bob.

Monday, January 12, 2009

finally i am a part of CHALLENGES!!!

Hello hello fellow bloggers!!! i am totally proud of myself!! i completed 3 challenges lastnite on 2 cards! GO ME lol! so naturally i was excited to post my artwork today :) TADA enjoy!!
Sketch Challenge
paper- making memories (white and kraft), oriental trading (green plaid), imaginisce (floral), provocraft (pink fuzzy)
brads- making memories (new vday collection)
fibers- memories on fifth
sentiment- k&co
colored pencils- stampin up
stamp- (dryabella)
Color Challenge AND Basic Grey Chipboard Challenge
paper- making memories (dark and light pink), basic grey (sugared collection)
fibers- basic grey (oh baby! girl)
ghost shapes- heidi swapp
flowers- michael's arts & crafts
chipboard bird- basic grey (sugared chip stickers)
brad- making memories (new vday collection)
stamps- studio g

Friday, January 9, 2009

OOOOH YEAH... notice all the spiffy shitz on the sidebar? there's more at the bottom... the first one on the bottom is my PARIS
so ch-ch-ch-ch-ch-ch-check it out!!!

p.s. this song is in my head so SING ALONG W.ME!!!

LOTZA Pics... and a sad heart...

So before i get all excited about my pics...I wanna say that my prayers are with Garrett Sheehan and his family and friends thru these tough times. I don't know first hand what it feels like to lose a child (or come close), but I know how bad it hurts to lose someone you love... esp a child. Please pray for him... he's an adorable 7 year old boy who got handed some bad luck.

Alright... now for photos... some are old and some are new... I have been trying to catch up on adding pics on here and i realized that i havent put my album pages up!!! sooo here we go!!
This is my 'traveling bag' that i just got at work.. its full of my faves and necessities for scrappin :)
HAD to have it!!! I love purses so naturally a purse frame was needed lol. I dint have a pic to fill it so i made my own lil thingie
Spiderman card for Garrett
Another Spidey card for Garrett
Annd another one for Garrett
Cars card i made for Garrett
another for Garrett
annnd another for Garrett
last one for Garrett :) this one is my fave!! i used a piece of cardboard from inside a box i found at work and i just attached paper to the front of the cardboard so the sticker could stick
Most are inspired by the DARES book i love so very much!
Positive Self-Talk
Obsessed- Purses
Favorite Things- My Mom (the relationship we have)
Where I Grew Up- IOWA
Accomplishment- Being a mommy :)
Permission Slip- Relax
Random :) I dunno which dare this was anymore lol
The Little Things- Lola's food bowl :) it's ALWAYS a diff design each time she eats
Home- random things we've experienced while living here
Being a woman- Being a woman allows me to: Dress up for no reason, cry during movies without "losing my coolness", change my mind 1000 times if im unsure about something, bitch & complain for 7 days out of each month with no reason for an apology, get mad at you if you treat me like im a pawn in life, bring up shit from the past 5 years in an argument & then get royally pissed if you do the same, and love uncontrollably.
Tribute- Cody <3 (Notice the car... thats his BABY)
One Sentence- "Smile- It makes ppl wonder what you're thinking" (Totally perfect... fits me to a tee lol)
Ditress- Cody & Madi playin in his car. I did a lil interview thingie w.him & used it too :)
Ribbon- my BFF Annie and Madilyn at M's first bday party... one of my fave pics ever- i totally copied KC's idea for her Chloe page to do mine (thanks KC!!! :))
7 Things- My mom :) She's an easy subject for me
Random Pages
Madilyn Oriental Style!!! Saw a similar sketch in a mag and wanted to make it mine so i did my best to do it similar w.out copying it
One of our engagement pics :) I was about 6 months pregnant here... I wanted to keep the soft look going so i just stapled the ribbon on the side of the page and created a 'frame' from cardstock for the photo... i also colored on the embellishment
Wedding Pages
Dress... I had a pad of paper shaped as a dress and i literally tore the back cardboard off and decorated it with cardstock and a lil flower
Stripes- well since CM was kinda strange and had 12x12 pages that were actually 11.5x12, i was left with lots of strips of paper that i didnt know what to do with... so i figured that since i had a b&w and a color photo to do on one page, that i would use my stripes :) i think it looks good
CHAOS- isnt that the truth?! if only there was a warning label on weddings lol. THEN people would know how exhausting and rediculous to spend so much money and time on 1 day. lol. i used crappy wedding pics to make this calendar page into a collage
Prince Charming- I love this pic... its so us lol. Code really is the best guy tho... he was my BFF in high school and we've stayed close ever since :) He looks completely diff in a tux lol!!
Neways thats all for now... i think this is a long enuf post lol!
But like i said, PRAY PRAY PRAY FOR GARRETT!!!
Peace, Love and Hugs to all...

Friday, January 2, 2009


I have entered the world of SCS! mom told me to go there and put some lovelies online :) soooo i did :) ima add more later but i gotta get ready for work now so i dont have time :)



Thursday, January 1, 2009

love love love

totally and completely obsessed and BG fibers! i just ordered 5 sets of em on ebay :) lol i know i know... i went to EBAY but soo!? lol they are juuuust the same and prly cheaper so i get MORE lol! but ALSO- i have been to literally every scrapbook store and i ask for 'eyelet brads'... nobody has a clue what im talking about. ORIENTAL TRADING has em! go to and search eyelet brads. TADA!!! i ordered both of em lol.
i went a lil internet order crazy 2day :) couldnt help myself!!!
neways hope everyone had a good new year lastnite... i stayed in n got my drink on... was feelin real lovely too :) haha tooooo bad my camera is shit and wouldnt capture the excitement! lol
welp im out but i'll update more later!!!
once i get my stamps and other goodies ima take pics and stick em on here :) so LOOK FOR EM!
peace, love and chicken grease...