Thursday, January 1, 2009

love love love

totally and completely obsessed and BG fibers! i just ordered 5 sets of em on ebay :) lol i know i know... i went to EBAY but soo!? lol they are juuuust the same and prly cheaper so i get MORE lol! but ALSO- i have been to literally every scrapbook store and i ask for 'eyelet brads'... nobody has a clue what im talking about. ORIENTAL TRADING has em! go to and search eyelet brads. TADA!!! i ordered both of em lol.
i went a lil internet order crazy 2day :) couldnt help myself!!!
neways hope everyone had a good new year lastnite... i stayed in n got my drink on... was feelin real lovely too :) haha tooooo bad my camera is shit and wouldnt capture the excitement! lol
welp im out but i'll update more later!!!
once i get my stamps and other goodies ima take pics and stick em on here :) so LOOK FOR EM!
peace, love and chicken grease...


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wandykj said...

You're having Fun aren't ya?!!! I've created a monster-lol:) I'm sooooo glad you found that special something to put all of your energy into. You're on your way to a very bright future Amy, I know you can accomplish all you set your mind to. Design teams here she comes!!!
Love ya:)