Friday, January 16, 2009

how random is this?! found it hidden (i know gross lol) in my fridge lookin just like this.
Madilyn's artwork while Mommy was at work and Daddy trusted her alone in the livingroom while he was in the bathroom... luckily it was on my 'scrap table' and i can just paint over it... im tryin to get Cody to make one out of concrete for me :)

i heart this bella... so i made a card just because w.her

Super ARMY Bella! :) found this freedom charm at Archiver's when Mom & I went and the ribbon at Michaels... and i hadta use my superbella for this one

shoppabellas! my fave part is the clearance stickers :)

well those are what ive done lately... i made another scarf (this time for Madi) and i will hafta get a pic on here... she's lovin it! i finished it in 2 hours TOPS :) Grandma Trish was the first to see it!!! hummdidaaa thats all! leave lovin!

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wandykj said...

Love what you're doing with yoor Bella stamps:) Too cute-I love the clearance stickers-wonder where you got those-HE!HE! Love Madi's creation!
Keep the ideas coming, Hugs-Mom