Monday, January 19, 2009


This kickass blog candy is being offered by Ewonne on her blog... she's trying to clear some stuff out and she's being kind enuf to let all this go to a random person! Candy offer good thru 1-25-09 her time (Sweden!!) so be sure to check her blog out!
Here's another one w.some candy to offer... Mary's got a purty bad sitch going on on the homefront so everyone go check it out and keep her and her family in your prayers...
other than that ive got a few days off so i will have some time to make new shits to put up! I'ma try and do a blog candy too soon... maybe after i get 50 comments... START COMMENTING PEOPLE! it's gonna prly be Basic Grey or something haa so watch for it... still havent decided when and what... i dont have enough people viewing my blog for me to offer up candy yet :( so spread the word so i can hook ya'll up!
ALSO! anyone interested in doing an image swap for Valentine's Day, email me at w.your address and if you have a specific one you'd like, please let me know! Have a good day everyone!
(I'm gonna start thinkin up some candy!)
Luv Amerz

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Hello...Nice to meet you!