Sunday, January 25, 2009

Newbies... Card swap!?

So today i managed to get a 'lil' break from the world and had some free time... so i chose to spend it making random cards! :) i started with the intentions of making Valentine's Day cards for people, and it spawned into me making whatever looked good to me at the moment. my creative session got interrupted when my lil one was returned to me and i had to stop what i was doing and get back to mommy duty. i still know what i was going to do, so i will post my 'projects in the works' as i get them completed :)
This was the first V-day card i made... was made for Cody (of course) and i made him open it lastnite actually lol... it took me 19 min to complete it (writing and all) and i told him i could do it in less than 20... so i felt bragging rights came into play and i could muster up another card for the REAL V-day right? lol. he thought it was cute... but he's only told me like twice he didnt like something... im usually the one being like 'this is the worst card ever i hate it' blah blah...
This is my attempt to turn one stamp into a diff one :) i stamped my huggybella image onto a piece of cardstock, and the curly haired girl didnt turn out (half her head was missing lol) & i figured it was a waste to throw it away, so i cut the paper in half and just used this side for my card... since the girls' arms are attached in the stamped image, i cut a circle from a piece of paper that had hearts on it and i used it as something to cover where her arms should be.
My total impulsive card... i literally wasn't going for a prego card, but hey the pink sent me somewhere... and why not run with it?! i embossed the 'Mommy to be' with gold SU embossing powder (i borrowed it from my mom YEARS ago... it doesnt go bad right?! lol) and i just watercolor penciled in the bella to match the paper and ribbon :)
XO! This was so i could play with my new chipboard letters from K&Co's Berry Sweet line :) and my new pink inkpad... couldnt resist!!
just a lil mini... actually made from a scrap of paper that i had left over after cutting two cards from a piece of cardstock :)

this card right here shows my sense of humor for those of you who cant already see it! i found this lil skunk guy in a thing of embellishments i had bought and i had the letters that i was gonna use to spell KO and do a boxing theme like 'your love knocks me out' or something... but i thought it would be more fitting to do the skunk... get it? skunks smell and knock ya out and its a KO lol... :)
another card for my one and only... this took me like 3 min tops to complete
i fell in love with the bird on this SU paper... so i wanted to use it as my main focus
huggybellas... (notice the curly haired one... she's cut out of the image on the card a few up) this is one of the first ones i did... i did this one lastnite actually
annnd my congratulations card... started out as a v-day card, then had no purpose... then i found this rub-on and decided it was a good fit :) i used big sequins and attached em w.square brads
So question for ya'll... would anyone wanna do an image or card swap?! i dont know about you... but i love to get mail and it would be awesome to get cards from all my talented lovely friends online! :) i know i would do it for ya'll... just either email me @ or leave me a message on here and we will swap addresses! Cards wouldn't have to be for v-day or any specific event... they could be just because :) i'm thinking we could make this like an ATC swap but it would just be a big card swap! let me know! even if its just one other person!
Hope ya'll had a good weekend and have a good week!!!
Take care and God Bless!


wandykj said...

Sorry, spelling errors:)

AWESOME CARDS!!!! You have a really good imagination & it's always working:) Keep those ideas coming! I really like how your bella turned out with the heart.


Minxxy said...

Love them, we need to totaly talk call me hugs!!!

Mary said...

Wow! You certainly made a lot of cards today. They are all awesome but I love the card that you made for Cody. It is a very unique Valentines day card. Love it!


Carisa said...

great cards! Love how you worked with your bella to use her anyway. Totally cool - I would've been lame-o and stamped another one! LOL