Friday, January 9, 2009

LOTZA Pics... and a sad heart...

So before i get all excited about my pics...I wanna say that my prayers are with Garrett Sheehan and his family and friends thru these tough times. I don't know first hand what it feels like to lose a child (or come close), but I know how bad it hurts to lose someone you love... esp a child. Please pray for him... he's an adorable 7 year old boy who got handed some bad luck.

Alright... now for photos... some are old and some are new... I have been trying to catch up on adding pics on here and i realized that i havent put my album pages up!!! sooo here we go!!
This is my 'traveling bag' that i just got at work.. its full of my faves and necessities for scrappin :)
HAD to have it!!! I love purses so naturally a purse frame was needed lol. I dint have a pic to fill it so i made my own lil thingie
Spiderman card for Garrett
Another Spidey card for Garrett
Annd another one for Garrett
Cars card i made for Garrett
another for Garrett
annnd another for Garrett
last one for Garrett :) this one is my fave!! i used a piece of cardboard from inside a box i found at work and i just attached paper to the front of the cardboard so the sticker could stick
Most are inspired by the DARES book i love so very much!
Positive Self-Talk
Obsessed- Purses
Favorite Things- My Mom (the relationship we have)
Where I Grew Up- IOWA
Accomplishment- Being a mommy :)
Permission Slip- Relax
Random :) I dunno which dare this was anymore lol
The Little Things- Lola's food bowl :) it's ALWAYS a diff design each time she eats
Home- random things we've experienced while living here
Being a woman- Being a woman allows me to: Dress up for no reason, cry during movies without "losing my coolness", change my mind 1000 times if im unsure about something, bitch & complain for 7 days out of each month with no reason for an apology, get mad at you if you treat me like im a pawn in life, bring up shit from the past 5 years in an argument & then get royally pissed if you do the same, and love uncontrollably.
Tribute- Cody <3 (Notice the car... thats his BABY)
One Sentence- "Smile- It makes ppl wonder what you're thinking" (Totally perfect... fits me to a tee lol)
Ditress- Cody & Madi playin in his car. I did a lil interview thingie w.him & used it too :)
Ribbon- my BFF Annie and Madilyn at M's first bday party... one of my fave pics ever- i totally copied KC's idea for her Chloe page to do mine (thanks KC!!! :))
7 Things- My mom :) She's an easy subject for me
Random Pages
Madilyn Oriental Style!!! Saw a similar sketch in a mag and wanted to make it mine so i did my best to do it similar w.out copying it
One of our engagement pics :) I was about 6 months pregnant here... I wanted to keep the soft look going so i just stapled the ribbon on the side of the page and created a 'frame' from cardstock for the photo... i also colored on the embellishment
Wedding Pages
Dress... I had a pad of paper shaped as a dress and i literally tore the back cardboard off and decorated it with cardstock and a lil flower
Stripes- well since CM was kinda strange and had 12x12 pages that were actually 11.5x12, i was left with lots of strips of paper that i didnt know what to do with... so i figured that since i had a b&w and a color photo to do on one page, that i would use my stripes :) i think it looks good
CHAOS- isnt that the truth?! if only there was a warning label on weddings lol. THEN people would know how exhausting and rediculous to spend so much money and time on 1 day. lol. i used crappy wedding pics to make this calendar page into a collage
Prince Charming- I love this pic... its so us lol. Code really is the best guy tho... he was my BFF in high school and we've stayed close ever since :) He looks completely diff in a tux lol!!
Neways thats all for now... i think this is a long enuf post lol!
But like i said, PRAY PRAY PRAY FOR GARRETT!!!
Peace, Love and Hugs to all...


Scrapbookmama said...

Thank you so much for making all those cards for Garrett I know he is going to love them so much! (((HUGS)))


wandykj said...

Your cards for Garrett are of course AWESOME!!!! You're very talented Amy, Keep it up & you'll go far. You've always gone far & your dreams will continue to get you there:)

Love ya Hun:)