Sunday, November 30, 2008

no net = sad me

still without the internet! sucks! but what can ya do ya know? the hubby and i are asking for a year of internet for christmas so hopefully someone likes us enuf to help us out n i can be on here more and actually get pics up! nothing new really... been working a lot (nice for money i spose) n lemme tell ya christmas retail is CRAZY lol... i have 2mrw off and then Thurs too cuz Mom n i are making our christmas albums (rather than take a class at Memories on Fifth)... but thats it so far. neways idk what else to say so ima quit- but i will catch ya on the flipside! *MUAH*

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Blogger Virgin!!

First blog post ever!! I'm jazzed cuz I've always wanted a 'blog' so I'd have a place to show off my stuff :) I am obsessed with everything that has to do with paper crafting. My mom got me started on it around 14 and it stuck with me. I'm 24 (just turned on Nov 9) and I have a daughter named Madilyn Elise who was born on July 3, 2006. I was married to my best guy friend from high school, Cody on September 9, 2006 and we have been going strong ever since. Life hasn't exactly been easy for us, but I managed to find a way to continue to scrapbook and create cards and various altered projects. I started out just doing Creative Memories scrapbooking... and gradually progressed into the style I am comfortable with now. I found that I was too "limited" and I always felt behind on pictures. I figured out that scrapbooking for someone else is all fine and good but it's your best work when you do it for yourself. :) I have just recently started really getting into the card making aspect and I love it. I never used to stamp either so I decided to challenge myself with it and see if I liked it... and now its become a necessity for each card! Funny how shit works out huh? Anyways... my name... Sweet N Lopes... totally originates from my cat Lola. (Full name is Lola Pezz :) ) We call her Lopes all the time and one day I called her Sweet N Low (like the lil packets) and then it became Lopes. Idk I thought it was cute and catchy so I decided thats what my business should be called someday if I get it going! I would love to do custom orders for people- the sky is the limit... and I love having projects to work on! Especially if they are a bit challenging! I feel like the more time and effort I put into a project, the cooler it looks and the more pleased I am with the finished product. So I spose I should say that I don't have internet access at my house.. so my posts won't be very frequent. But, I will try and get some pics on here ASAP so it's not naked for ya! Hope all is well with everyone... I'll catch ya on the flipside!