Tuesday, April 14, 2009


yeah yeah i know.. im slippin on these blog entries... i have been informed by my M-I-L and Gma that i need to be updating this w.new pics of what ive been doing because they cant get onto Paper Craft Planet to see my pics :( sooo... without further adue (spelling?) i give u my most current uploaded pics... i have more but i cant really upload em cuz they are 'secrets' for my RAKS :)
This card i made for my friend Maggie and her hubby Corey since they are havin a baby girl :) i was excited to use a lot of pink... and my bella from ELLIE! LUV IT BTW! lol...
and i apologize for the sideways view... my bad! its sposta be a close up of the threading thru the paper doily and then the charms i used :)
This is a personal fave... i exacto knifed her dress out and taped a square of this to the back of the paper.. then added lil fabric slippers to it :)
this was my first attempt with a sponge dauber... lol! looks like a mess if u ask me but it turned out better than i thought it was gonna! i was still on a pink kick after making the Ballerina one so i went with it on this tub card :) EXCEPT! this time i didnt cheat and exacto... i actually cut it by hand to fit the tub!! YAY ME! lol
this was intended for a Bday card challenge... but i procrastinated and never got to posting it at the correct time... so its just a belated bday card now! p.s. caption was totally spur of the moment thought when i looked at the card! i tried to use coffee colored paper also to fit the latte theme!
welp... that's all for now folks! leave lovin :) i will take some more pics and add em later! my comp is being slow-mo right now! BOO!!!
Mom and I are doing a craft stand at the Atkins Citywide Garage Sales!!!! COME SEE US!!!
after all... starting a crafting business has to start somewhere right?! :)
Luv n Hugs

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wandykj said...

Hey Ames!

These are really, really cute! Keep it up! We'll have to discuss what we're making for the garage sale craft stand-YEAH!!!! We should have FUN!!!! Maybe you can just stay out here that Friday night instead of having to get up early, we'll decide later.