Friday, June 12, 2009

I <3 KERYN!!!

SERIOUSLY?! i dont think my morning could've started better!!! :)

Keryn made my ENTIRE WEEKEND! LOL! She gave me my FIRST BLOG AWARD!!! :)
(can you sense the excitement?!)

So a HUGE Thank You to Keryn over at for being so generous and thinking of little old me for this award!! I have always wanted to be able to say 'my blog has an award!!!' and... NOW I CAN!!! :) So THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!! :) My fave part is the listing of 10 honest things... and of course getting to read everyone else's!!
So without further adue, 10 Honest things about me!
  1. i cant stand when people don't listen (especially when they pretend they are)
  2. i'd rather sit around all day and make cards and crafty stuff than have a 'job' at some random place
  3. i am TERRIFIED of flying bugs and spiders.. and all other creepy things- i cant kill a 'crunchy' bug without jumping around like a lunatic LOL
  4. the only 'girl' friends i really have... are online! ;) (i'm one of the guys!!)
  5. my husband has never heard me sing :) lol... im too shy around him (i dont wanna be one of those people that think they are awesome and then go on American Idol and get laughed off stage) haha
  6. i REALLY wanna travel outside the US... esp since i know some people around the world!
  7. my very best friend lives in NY and we've never met in person :) (we met thru AOL Instant Messenger in 1996!!)
  8. 3AM freaks me out ever since watching Exorcism of Emily Rose (proly doesnt help that a cemetary is basically across the street from my house!)
  9. my daughter is my biggest fan and best friend :)
Now for the tricky part! i am to select 7 other worthy bloggers and give them this award!! :) sooo... here's my nominations!
Everyone go on over and check out these great blogs!! :) CONGRATS to all you that i nominated! and YAY for me too! LOL!
Welp, off to have fun lil peanut so hope all is well with everyone and have a GREAT weekend!!


Scrapbookmama said...

OH aren't you the sweetiest! :) (((HUGS)) I shall be adding my award this weekend if your mama told you I am having computer woes! lol I think I should good to go by tonight crossing my fingers!
(((HUGS))!!! and thank you for my award :)

KeeponScrappin said...

CoNgRaTs Amy! Isn't it the best feeling. I remember when I first got mine. I'm so happy for you. Thank you for the awesome award. You're the sweetest.

Kristi said...

you are too sweet. thanks girl :)

mckinkle said...

Hi Amy!! Wow that was an award so excitedly received, Im so pleased to have made you smile! Im sure it will be the first of many many awards!
Just wanted to tell yo that I got my RAK today!! Wow it is gorgeous thnak you so much! I cant wait to have a go and all of the bits n pieces are great, I love the papers and your images! Im glad we havent just swapped the same things as that would have been disappointing. I cant wait til yours arrives!! Your Mum is catered for too as is your little poppet!!
Have a good one and thanks again
Keryn x

Marie Taylor said...

Hey Amy, what a lovely surprise! I've got my daughter visiting me from out of town so I've been away from the computer and I just checked in! THANKS SO MUCH! I'm off to grab my exciting!

Agus :) said...

wow! you are so lovely! thanks you a lot for the award!! I apreciatte too much and I proud of it!
Have a nice day!

Amy said...

you're welcome everyone!!! :)

Crazy Creations said...