Sunday, July 12, 2009

Thank U

When life hands you lemons... Make lemonade!! :)

Just a stamp i thought was appropriate for this post...
A big thank you to those of you who support and continue to encourage me thru this rough spot... I will make it thru this!
Without you guys i would be very sad...

Thank you for always being there!! :)

Peace, Love and Hugs,



wandykj said...

Very cute posting:) Keep your chin up Sweetie!

Love ya Bunches,


Hi Amy, what a totally fabulous stamp set, i love those house mouse images!

Well hunny i had already read about you on Any Stamp Will Do, but i read your post on here about depression. I so fully understand how you feel, and i almost felt i had written that post myself!!!! you sound so much how i feel most of the time. Depression is not nice to live with but the support of friends (mostly online for me) has seen me through some bad times. If i can ever do anything for you or just listen, please contact me. My email is

Have a lovely evening hunny, hugs Linda x