Monday, December 29, 2008

sum stuff :)

so yeah i hadta share some stuff i made :) i'll put more pics on here later... my comp is being wicked slow... hope u like em!!!

this is the scarf i just finished!!! my first attempt at knitting and i DID IT! woohoo! lol it's sooo soft but its not long enuf for my personal taste... so Madi gets it!!!

isnt he the BEST?! Madi got a lil WALL-E toy before christmas and it had little paper eyes in the packaging... and well i LOVE WALL-E so i couldnt resist but to create my own out of paper!!! it only took me like 30-45 min :) he stands on his own bcuz i made two black strips of paper into wheels by folding them into a square-ish shape...then i added a lil 'frame stand' on the back (think the thing that holds picture frames up) (i'ma try and make EVE next!!!)

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