Sunday, December 28, 2008


HOOOORAY! no work for me till after the new year! crazy that its gonna be 2009... isnt the world sposta end in 2010? lol it was sposta in 2000 too... we all see how well THAT happened!
neways so i have the emo kid song stuck in my head lol! its been there for literally about a week. hilarious too cuz when i see emos i just smile like "MUWAHAHHA" cuz im thinkin that they are song related enuf for me to hum lol. but yup... SO I HAFTA BRAG! i made a scarf!!! like totally by myself made a scarf! sooo excited! betcha cant tell :) i knitted it on a 'knifty knitter' (literally the name) and used super chunky yarn. i'll post a pic when i can :)
other than that nothin new really... i'll thinka some more and write 2mrw :)
catch ya on the flipside!!!

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