Sunday, March 8, 2009

Easter Card/Image Swap!!!


It's almost Easter... and im sure you are all busy making cards for people you know... so why not do it for a random person you dont know really?! lol! I attempted to do a Valentine Day swap but didnt get anyone to do it with... so i thought i'd use a lil more notice this time! :)

I was thinking instead of just a card swap... we should do an image swap also!

Idea #1. make a card using stamps of your choice... then stamp a few of that/those images for each other...

orrrr Idea #2. make a card for each other and then choose 3 of your fave stamps and stamp images for each other.

p.s. images dont necessarily have to be easter... they can be of anything 'Spring-ish'

Anyone who wants to participate in this, please either leave a comment on here or PCP, shoot me an email at, or email on PCP and let me know which idea you think is best and if you are willing/able to do a swap! :)

Swaps are fun... its always nice to get mail that is something other than BILLS! and lets face it... swaps are a great way to meet people! :)

Hope everyone can join me!!! P.S. i will be throwing in at least 2 RAKS with each package i send... just for a lil motivation! :)

Thanks everyone! Have a great week!!!

Amy Samuelson

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