Tuesday, March 17, 2009

no pics

eh yep... no pics of crafty shtuffs today!

just thought it had been long enuf since my last entry...

and i swear its so fkn impossible to win blog candy when 200+ ppl wanna win it! DAMMIT! LOL!

hmm neways havent been up to much other than SHOPPING! WOOHOO! lol.. we got taxes back a lil earlier than we expected em so naturally we got all excited and went shopping lol!

I ORDERED A FLAT IRON! after like 6 freakin months! it cost me $92 w.some hair sprayer shits that u use to not fry your hair from a blowdryer or flat iron. :) YAY! isnt it lovely?! :) its a Solia Tourmaline w.the infrared heat :) LOVE IT!
other than that... bought M some Littlest Pet Shop guys, a shop/service manual for Code's VR4, and *sigh* (my weakness) KETTO stamps :) I ONLY BOUGHT 3! i totally contained myself! :)
OOOOOH YEAH!!!!!!!!!!! i got a wicked cute pair of Donna Karan sunglasses for $90! Original price is $260 on em, so i couldnt pass it up! :) lol... lookin at my list makes it seem like i spent a lot, but i didnt really! :) im a good shopper, what can i say!?
welp, im starvin marvin so ima go eat now... i promise to be better at updates... for the (LOL) like 2 ppl who read this! :)

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Dancing Lady said...

Hi sweetie, great flat iron..I cannot live without mine (my hair are like those of Lauren Graham of Gilmore Girls..but on me the effect is totally different)!
I wanna see sunglasses..and over all the Ketto Stamp!!!!!!! :-D